Saturday, November 13, 2010


Thought I'd try something new here. I've downloaded an app called Elements which allows me to write just about anywhere and anytime.  It syncs text files to my dropbox account. I  can the edit the files on my iPhone, MacBook or PC. Once finished I'll upload the files to the blog along with a photo. If the app keeps writing simple and efficient then I should have no excuses avoiding updates to my blog.

So here's my goal for the coming year - pull out the camera once a week and go on a photo walk. Then sit down and write a paragraph or two and post both to the blog. If I practice both often enough then I hope one or both will get easier. If not easier then at least one or both will get better.

By the way, these first two paragraphs, written with Elements on my iPhone, were fast and easy and the auto correction has been surprisingly accurate.