Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scanning Negatives and Slides

I bought a Nikon Coolscan to scan slides like this one from my grandfather's photo collection. That's him about 1955 standing on his rig.

I had 200 slides to scan and it took me about a year. It was fun and I turned the old photos into a book.

Now, I'm looking at my old negatives. I have 2000 images on 35mm color negatives taken between 1985 and 2002.

I've been hearing a lot about a company called ScanCafe. They accept your film, scan it for you and allow you to pick and pay for only the photos you want to keep. However, you have to pick at least 50% of the ones you ship in to them.

How much does it cost? 2000 photos at $.29/each - a special summer price through August 31st - would cost $580 if I keep all 2000 images. If I select 50% then the price drops to $290. By using the code FOCUS at checkout then I get a 20% savings on my order - courtesy of Scott Bourne and the Photofocus podcast - then the price of my order drops to $232. I have to add in shipping so the final cost works out to $.25 per scanned image.

If I scanned an image myself it'd take about an hour from start to final corrected finish. An hour of my time or $.25 per image? Definitely - I'm paying the $.25/each!

I'll let you know in September how it worked out.

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