Saturday, July 24, 2010

Calibrate Your Display Today

I don't think of myself as a photo editor but, I find myself sliding controls around more than I realize.

Most photo software will let you do basic adjusts like warming up a photo that looks too blue. Or maybe cooling down a photo that's too red.

I happily make these sorts of adjustments just before uploading photos to a website but today, I realized it had been almost 6 months since my last calibration.

I use an older Spyder Express  model from Datacolor. It's very easy to use and I've heard good things about their competitors too. No matter which brand or model you buy, you should have one on hand so you can calibrate your display at least four times a year.

When the calibration is complete, the software will show you some photos with a Before and After option. My display was rather cool and blue looking. It was off enough that it made me shudder thinking about all the photos I edited last month.

While I go back and review my photo library you shouldn't wait any longer. It only takes a few minutes. Go calibrate your display today!

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